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Safely Removed Undamaged Inventory

Tornado Damage at Major Retail Grocery Distribution Warehouse

Late June 2022, a tornado hit a major retail grocery distribution warehouse ripping off a part of the roof and collapsing two walls of the 1,800,000 sq ft distribution warehouse. RCF personnel were on site in less than 24 hours of the occurrence and a course of action was established with the insured’s management team to identify and safely remove undamaged inventory from the warehouse as quickly as possible.

RCF developed an additional plan, in coordination with local health authorities, to identify and protect salvable grocery inventory that could be sold on the secondary market. RCF efforts, working seven days a week and over the July 4 holiday, resulted in $7,500,000 of undamaged product being inventoried and safely removed from the building for the insured’s ongoing business operations. In addition, RCF inventoried, sold, and shipped 168 trailers totaling $11,500,000 to licensed secondary buyers under State Health Department protocols. Both the insurance company and insured commended the RCF Team’s tireless efforts.

Cleaned, Decontaminated and Sold Damaged Garbage Trucks

Hurricane Damage

After Hurricane IAN caused massive damages in Southwest Florida, RCF was engaged to sell over 80 used garbage trucks in Fort Myers Beach, FL damaged by a massive saltwater surge. At RCF’s direction, these trucks were moved from the loss site, cleaned, decontaminated and sold as salvage. RCF efforts resulted in a gross sale of $3,000,000.

Working with Health Authorities to Preserve Salvage Value

Grocery Store Fire

After a stockroom fire at $1,000,000 Grocery Store, local health officials intended to order the destruction of nearly all grocery items. After meeting with the authorities and offering to ship the affected stock “under embargo” to our buyer’s facility to be inspected, the RCF Protocols were approved. Upon inspection and clearance at our buyer’s food warehouse, Health Authorities released the vast majority of the stock to RCF for sale resulting in a salvage return of over $350,000.

Measuring the Contents Loss at Over 25 Separate Locations

Flood Damage at Public Schools

When a severe flood affected over 25 locations at a Major City Public School System, the market assigned RCF to inspect and inventory all damaged contents. By deploying our professional inventory team and coordinating with the School System’s Risk Management Department, RCF completed simultaneous inventories at the different loss locations, researched unit pricing and expeditiously provided our fully documented inventory and reports to the complete satisfaction of the insured and the carriers.

Immediate Response and Plan of Action

Tornado Damage at Furniture Manufacturing Facility

When a tornado damaged 75% of the roof over a 400,000 square foot furniture manufacturing facility, immediate response was required to separate damaged inventory and protect the stock from further water intrusion RCF was on-site within hours to coordinate and supervise the inventory, separation, and removal of affected stock for sale. As a result of our involvement, the insurance company’s contents claim was fully documented and salvage sale was in excess of $600,000.

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